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Dr. Dan the Magic Man

Dr. Dan the Magic Man The founder and one of the stars of Magic Dove Entertainment is Dr. Dan the Magic Man.  Dr. Dan has been performing for over twenty-five years.  Actually, his magical performance experience would almost double if you were to count his childhood performances.  His mom tells the story of little Danny at the age of two (almost three) standing on the porch and throwing a stick behind his back and then showing his hands empty.  Dr. Dan tries hard to remember those early years, but at the end of the day, he boasts that he has actually been performing magic tricks prior to his memory.

Many people ask magicians to recall their first magic trick.  This question always gets a fuzzy answer when you ask Dr Dan and you better be prepared to hear way more than a one sentence response.  He doesn’t actually remember his first trick of making a stick disappear.  He does however remember the first magic trick he created at the age of five.  It was a trick that involved his pet bunny, Butterfly, and his imaginary pistol.  Although it didn’t start out as a magic trick, this elaborate trick took many months of careful training. 

Little Dr. DanLittle Danny had plenty of time on his hands because he didn’t go to kindergarten.  His mom just couldn’t let go of her baby boy of six.  Back then all you needed to know was your colors, say your ABC’s and count to ten to be ready for the first grade.  Needless to say, Little Danny had plenty of time on his hands.  He quickly learned his academics and then spent his extra time playing with his favorite bunny, Butterfly.  His parents raised rabbits to sell and to help put meat on the table, but allowed him to keep one for a pet.  Little Danny actually selected this cute little bunny from a large litter of mostly white bunnies because it had black and white spots.

Little Danny named the spotted bunny, Butterfly, because he imagined his magic bunny could fly.  He would lie in the green grass and look up to the sky and imagine his magical bunny would hop from the ground and change into a beautiful black and white spotted butterfly.  This butterfly would fly higher and higher and would transform into a magnificent dappled black and white magic dove (Ironically, he later named his company Magic Dove).  

It didn’t take long before Little Danny figured out a complete magical routine for his famous bunny, Butterfly.  He would pull out his invisible pistol and pretend to shoot the bunny. Butterfly would turn over on her back (sometimes with a little nudge from the barrel/index finger of the pistol) and pretend to be dead.  Butterfly would remain on her back until it was time to claim her reward.  She would then stand up on her back legs and reach up for the juicy carrot.  He performed this routine for every neighbor in walking distance. 

Face PaintingEven though Little Danny was rather shy as a child, he always came out of his shell when he had an audience.  A few years later, after mastering his many made up magic tricks, Dr. Dan remembers learning many magic tricks from library books.  He would check out library books to learn magic tricks and spend hours pouring over the directions.  In many situations he was too young to fully understand the sometimes poorly illustrated directions, but he credits books as his main teacher of magic.  Books gave him the foundation that has built his entire magical career.

Dr. Dan remembers learning the oldest trick ever recorded in the history of magic from a book-- the cups and balls trick.  After begging his mom, she agreed to give him three of her Tupperware tumblers (one green, one yellow and one orange) to use for his new trick.  He informed his mom that he would have to cut about three inches off the top because they were too tall.  Little Danny used his dad’s handsaw and attempted to cut the tops off.  While he was successful in completing the cut, it was certainly not a straight cut.  Each cup was cut with a huge slant.  Even though they were not perfect, they served as a wonderful training tool for his new trick.  The cups and balls trick is still one of Dr. Dan’s favorite tricks to perform.

In addition, Dr. Dan has many fond memories of purchasing his first commercially made magic tricks.  The Nickels to Dimes, Buddha Money Mystery, Prayer Vase, Rainbow Rope, Linking Rings, Chinese Laundry Tickets, Fortune Telling Fish, Sponge Balls, Vernet TT, Magic Rope, Svengali Deck and the Ball and Vase are among his favorite first purchases.  Dr Dan also remembers a few magic shows during his formative years that played an important role in helping feed his love and desire to be a performing professional magician.  The local livestock show in a small farming town in Delhi, Louisiana, would sometimes have a travelling magician to visit.  Although he was extremely nervous when he was called on stage as a volunteer, he remembers mostly the smile of astonishment when the magician read his mind.  All of Dr. Dan’s magical experiences prepared him for a magical journey he hopes never ends.

Dr. Dazzle As an adult, Dr. Dan the Magic Man has enjoyed performing magic in a variety of settings from birthday parties to large stage shows.  His favorite type of show is always the last show he performed.  He prides himself in being a funny children’s magician, but the adults find themselves enjoying his humor as well.  He credits his father for giving him the comedy gene.  Dr. Dan’s comedy routines combined with the mystery of his performance is a perfect combination for fun.  Audience participation is always a highlight of the show. This magical extravaganza can be tailored to meet a variety of situations and time slots, and always contains magical classics which may include effects with rope, cards, color changing silks, bunny silks, magic cups and balls, and magic bags and boxes.  Dr. Dan’s unique and clever routines will always provide a twist you don’t expect. Dr. Dan’s whimsical humor might make you say, “I’d rather be fishing,” but his magic tricks will be worth the endurance.  As a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Dr. Dan takes great pride in providing family entertainment for all to enjoy. Most professional magicians have a day job and Dr. Dan is no exception.  He is a full time professor in special education.  Even though he spends an enormous amount of time as a full time university professor, Dr. Dan always finds time for his favorite hobby of performing magic tricks. 

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